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A Few Father’s Day Sentiments

There were some really touching Father’s Day posts on social media yesterday. Here’s just a sampling of what we saw:

Lukas Nelson posted this pic of him and his father. He said, “Happy #fathersday to Willie Nelson.”

The father and son pic on the right was posted by Shane Smith & The Saints. “Happy Fathers Day to the nicest, most steady, patient and humble guy I know. You have and still today continue to play a bigger role for us four brothers than you’ll ever know. And that mustache is still beyond impressive.”

Hayes Carll and his dad are in the next pic. Hayes said, “I was blessed to be raised by this man. His spirit, humor, kindness, and love are invaluable guides as I navigate this world. And though I killed him off in song he is still very much alive and fishing. Happy Father’s Day.”

Cody Johnson wrote a real tribute to his dad, saying, “The best advice my Dad ever gave me was when he explained to me the value of going to work anyway. Going to work anyway means when you’re sick, don’t want to, or have any of the million excuses a man can use not to get a job done, you do it. Until I had my own family, I didn’t understand how he went to work every day, no matter the circumstances. And by work, I mean several jobs, plus being an involved family man. I see the value he instilled in me now that I have my own family to care for, and I’m thankful.”

And finally there’s this video from Jamie Lin Wilson of her performing this song she wrote for a friend. She says, “I wrote this song for Father’s Day a couple of years ago. Originally as a gift for a friend to give her husband (thanks, Breinn!), but I’ll admit it was easy on account of all the strong, loving men in my life. So this goes out to my husband, my dad, my brothers (& brothers-in-law), and all my friends who set such good examples of how to be a good man for their sons & daughters. Happy Father’s Day.”



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