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A Chat with Leiu

When an artist is asked to write a song for a specific cause, there is a tiny bit more pressure on the artist, especially if the cause is near and dear to that artists’ heart.

That is exactly the case with the song you are about to hear and read about as singer/songwriter Josh Fuller explains:

I was asked by my friends, Bubba and Michelle Millhouse (founders of Humbled Heroes) to write a song that showed not only the struggle of living with PTSD, but also the bond that a service dog has with their person and how that unconditional, loving friendship between dog and person can be lifesaving.

Humbled Heroes trains PTSD service dogs for Police, Firefighters and US Military Veterans at no personal cost to them. They don’t just hand them a dog and send them on their way, they have a very specific program that creates an unbreakable bond and encourages them to go out, be social and be a part of the community. These are serious struggles that people with PTSD live with daily. Humbled heroes

I believe that PTSD is real, it’s dangerous and it affects too many of our heroes. Each case is unique, each person has acquired it in different ways and no two people have the same demons, but they do have demons that they must fight daily. The road is long, but it is great to see that there are more ways for these men and women to get the help they need. Thankfully, service dogs aren’t the only option, but it’s an option that I know works, I’ve seen it happen through Humbled Heroes!

When I was asked by Humbled Heroes to write “Chat With Leiu”, I was intimidated to say the least! I write songs for a living, it’s what I do, but this topic is so real to so many people the last thing I wanted to do was not give the importance or severity of PTSD proper justice.  I asked Bubba if he was sure I was the right guy for the task and he had complete confidence in me.  Bubba’s wife sent me some notes and observations that she witnessed about Bubba and his personal struggle, as well as his bond with Leiu.  I then called in my trusted co-writer, Justin Parker, and we went to work.  I knew Justin would respect the importance of getting it right and we put everything we had into getting it as perfect as we could. A long night and a couple days later we had the final lyrics and we both felt a sense of pride as we delivered the final product to Bubba. He was very happy with the result, and we couldn’t have breathed a heavier sigh of relief. 

This song is meant to be a gift. A labor of love for not only Humbled Heroes, but for anyone who lives with PTSD, their families/friends and also anyone who uses a service dog for any reason.  The bond between a service dog and their person is sacred, it’s unique and it’s undeniably real. I hope that we have reflected this in “Chat With Leiu”.

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