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TBT to When Jack Ingram Sat Under the Brooklyn Bridge

It was on this day in 2009 when Jack Ingram set a Guinness Book of World Record for most consecutive radio interviews in 24 hours, having done 215 consecutive interviews for 5 minutes each in support of his album, Big Dreams and High Hopes!

But did you know he did it under a bridge in Brooklyn, NY?  “I was laughing because every time they’d start the interview, they’re like, so you’re in a tent under the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m like, yeah, exactly where my mom said I’d be if I went into the music business.”


Jack doing interviews

It all started at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday with KSCS in Dallas, Fort Worth.  And talk he did, with radio stations across America and in parts of Europe and Australia. Finally, at 7:55 a.m. on Wednesday, his last interview was with CMT Radio. The record was broken and he made it!  Don’t forget his new album Midnight Motel comes out tomorrow!


Jack was presented with a plaque from a Guinness representative for beating the record.

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