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2001: The Best in Texas Awards

In the November/December 2001 issue of Best in Texas Music Magazine (which ceased publication in 2014), we ran the “Best in Texas” poll winners and as you can see by this cover, Blue Bell was the obvious winner for Best Ice Cream!

2001 cover

We also covered important things like “Best Onion Rings” which went to Sonic, Whataburger won “Best Burgers” and Shiner Bock was the “Best Beer” winner (DUH)!

But of course the most important winners were the Music awards!  Here’s a look at who won what from back in 2001:

Best Band:

  1. Cory MorrowBestBand 2001
  2. Asleep at the Wheel
  3. Lonestar
  4. Cooder Graw
  5. Cross Canadian Ragweed

Best Male Artist:

  1. Robert Earl Keen
  2. Willie Nelson
  3. Pat Green
  4. Cory Morrow
  5. Roger Creager

Best Female Artist:

  1. Kelly Willis
  2. Susan Gibson
  3. Lee Ann Womack
  4. Faith Hill (huh?)
  5. Glenda Lynn

Best Group:

  1. Dixie Chicks
  2. Lonestar
  3. Cooder Graw
  4. Big Palooka
  5. Cross Canadian Ragweed

    Cross Canadian Ragweed

    Cross Canadian Ragweed

Best Duo:

  1. Pat Green and Cory Morrow
  2. Sisters Morales
  3. Brooks and Dunn
  4. Harris and Ryden
  5. Willie and Waylon

Best Unsigned Artist or Group:

  1. Dustin Sanchez
  2. Pauline Reese
  3. Kristin Hart
  4. Cross Canadian Ragweed
  5. Roger Creager

Best Song about Texas:

  1. “God Blessed Texas”
  2. “Songs About Texas”
  3. “Texas in 1880”
  4. “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”

Best Deejay:

  1. Mattson Rainer, KNBT
  2. Leslie T. Travis, KIKK
  3. Sammy & Bob, KVET
  4. KSBJ staff

Like I said, this poll was in 2001 and there have been a lot of changes but I do think it’s safe to say a lot of these winners are still very relevant today!

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