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Courtney’s Epic Mandolin Injury

Courtney Patton posted this cringe-worthy pic and post last night. She said, “Wear a shirt with a motto like that, and life might redefine “epic shit”. Lost a large chunk of my palm in a mandolin slicer tonight. No way to stitch it. Exposed a blood vessel, fat cells, and left myself with a wound that will take a long time to heal. Treating it like a third-degree burn. I have to wear a splint to protect the blood vessel and have been instructed to not do manual labor with my right hand. I am going to try and play guitar, but have to dress and splint it immediately after the show. It could have always been worse. I threw that bastard in the trash when I got home. I’m going to bed now.”

Yikes! Get well soon, Courtney!

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