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You Don’t Know Reckless Kelly?!?

Yes, apparently there are a few folks who don’t know who this band is and to find out a friend of mine was one of them, shocked me for sure!

Once I recovered from the shock, I quickly started telling her she HAD to get this band on her playlists immediately!  I started with my favorite RK tunes: “Nobody’s Girl,” “Seven Nights in Eire,” “Drink Your Whiskey Down,” and “Wicked Twisted Road.”

But then I wanted to see what my peeps on social media thought so I posted “Tell me the essential Reckless Kelly tunes that everyone MUST know.”  Check out the top five responses below:

5. Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah

4.  Good luck and True Love

3.  Seven Nights in Eire

2.  Wicked Twisted Road

1. Nobody’s Girl

Some other top responses:


“Hey Say May”

“St. Valentine’s”


“1952 Vincent Black Lightening”

Aaron Lee Bentley offered, “Wicked Twisted Road, Break My Heart Tonight, Nobody’s Girl, Baby’s Got a Whole Lot More.” Reckless-Kelly_6217blog

Heather Jank “Vancouver, Wicked Twisted Road, Motel Cowboy Show – I’m going to go ahead and just say ALL of them.  I may be biased!”

Kody Mac: “Wiggles & Ritalin!!”

Mike Ethan Messick “Pretty much all of the Under The Table album…”

“Back Around”

Jeff Dykhuis “May Peace Find You Tonight and Snowfall – which is pretty much the Music Fest theme song.”

Brad Beheler “Wicked Twisted Road, Nobody’s Girl, Vancouver, Crazy Eddie’s, 7 Nights, Break My Heart Tonight, Stick Around, Ragged as the Road…I could go on and on…”

Stephanie Sara Schaefer says ” Time stops when Wicked Twisted Road comes on…”

Bri Bagwell said,”Brad nailed it.  Too many to name but those are my choices too.”

“American Blood”

Heather Nicole Copeland “I Still Do.”

Ashley Kamrath “Idaho! Long Night Moon And 7 Nights in Ireland.”

Justin Wayne Fox “The whole album of Somewhere in Time.”

Thanks to every one who gave their opinion but I can honestly say you can not go wrong with the music of Reckless Kelly!  Always a top listen in my playlist!

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