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Who Is Abbey Cone?

A 16 year old…yes I said, a 16 year old named Abbey Cone got my attention this week.  And I’d only heard her sing one song.

The song?  “Love Like Him Again.”  When I first heard the steel guitar, I had a very good feeling about this young artist.  And then I heard her voice.  She stands out no doubt with a more folky and even smoky sound.

Her current album is not her first either.  She’s already released one album (at age 13) which can be found on her web site.  Titled Collage, Abbey says it’s really not who she is now.  “By the time we finished, it wasn’t me as an artist,” Cone says, “so I didn’t really want to put it out there.”

When I listened to the next several songs including, “Southern Charm,” and “This Ain’t Your Heartbreak” there was something that made me think of a Joni Mitchell tune.  (Not her voice by any means, but her writing style.)  Then I realized why.  Abbey’s writing is full of metaphors that made this middle-aged mama feel like I could relate.  She told the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram recently, “I’ve always been more mature for my age, and I’ve been told I’m an old soul,” Cone said. “I love words, too, so any time I can make something — not seem out of the ordinary, but mean SNG Signing photosomething deeper, then I’ll always go that route.”

I’m obviously not the only one who recognizes a great songwriter in the making!  Abbey recently signed a songwriting publishing deal with SNG Music through their Nashville office.

Here’s the bottom line: we’re always looking for good new music.  Well, here you go!  Can’t say I didn’t tell ya! 😉

Check her out for yourself here:


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