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Two Buddies Having Fun

Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers.  Two guys who have dominated the Texas/Red Dirt music scene for many years and don’t show any signs of changing that anytime soon.  Whether they are touring with their respective bands, releasing CDs or if they are touring together, there’s one thing that stays true, they are two friends who appreciate each other’s music and like to have a good time.

Which is the main reason they started their infamous “Hold My Beer and Watch This Tour” several years ago…an acoustic song swap with story telling that so many of us have seen and enjoyed.

And since they’re releasing a CD together, Hold My Beer, Vol. 1, I definitely wanted to talk to them about their friendship and the new project.

Katie: Wade, you and Randy have known each other a long time…How did you two meet?

Wade: We met in San Marcos a long time ago.  We were playing a gig and he came out to the show.  Then invited us back to his “White House” to jam and party late night.  Been friends ever since.

Katie: Who came up with the whole tour idea/name? Were there really those (HMBWT) type moments? If so, tell us about one.

Wade: We argue who actually came up with the name.  I’m pretty sure it was just useless banter.  I mean come on, it’s Hold My Beer And Watch This!  Not much thought right?  Haha!  And yes there are plenty of these moments on stage and off.  I think it’s a very appropriate name.  The best moments I could never repeat.Randy and Wade 2

Katie:  What is your fave Randy tune?  Why that one?

Wade: I love “Looking For You So Long.”  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s cause I don’t hear it much.  But one of my favorite melodies maybe ever.  A close second is “Just Don’t Tell Me The Truth.”  Hate to admit it to him but they’ve got a bunch of good ones.  Just don’t tell him I said so.  Haha!

Now here’s my questions with Randy:

Katie: Randy, the HMBWT turned into such a great idea and not to mention a success…is it work for you or just a great way to get to hang out?  Why?

Randy: I really think this tour has been such a good thing for Wade and I because we truly are good friends that enjoy being on stage and playing music together.  You can’t fake that.  I believe the fans see it when they come to the show.  It in the beginning was a way to have some fun but now with the record coming out and all that goes in to supporting touring the game has changed a bit.  There are interviews and lots of behind the scenes planning that you would classify as work.  Still writing and performing original material is the best job ever.

Katie: Looking back 10-12 years ago, did you think you guys would be where you are today? What makes your career a success to you?

Randy: I honestly did not ever dream we would still have such a great opportunity to do what we love and make a living at it.  This has been such a blessing.  Longevity to me is the definition of success.

Katie: What is your fave Wade tune?  Why that one?

Randy: I think it still must be “Who I Am.”  I know Wade gets tired of playing it every night.  That song however is timeless.  Many people will cut that song throughout the years and it will be a part of many lives.

Two friends making great music separate and together.  If you haven’t had a chance to see their above mentioned tour, you NEED TO!   Randy said it best, “you can’t fake” what they have!

Get more info here:  Oh and the new release is out Monday 4/20!

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