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Figuring out who to follow on Twitter can be hard!

I think I came up with a pretty solid list for the Texas/Red Dirt music scene of tweeters.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are twitter handles for a majority of the artists, musicians and even the behind the scene folks in this “genre”…but these are the ones I feel are the most active, inspirational or just downright entertaining!

1. Granger Smith @GrangerSmith

2. Earl Dibbles Jr. @EarlDibblesJr

3. Kevin Fowler @KevinFowler

4. Shinyribs @shinyribs

5. Bo Phillips Band @BoPhillipsBand

6. Wade Bowen @WadeBowen

7. The Damn Quails @thedamnquails

8. Sunny Sweeney @GettinSweenered

9. Jason Boland @BolandStraggler

10. Farce the Music @Farcethemusic

11. Rawhide and Velvet @rawhidevelvet

12. Aaron Watson @aaron_watson

13. Galleywinter @galleywinter

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