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Top Faves Right Now

No, it’s not scientific but I count my friends as being some of the better folks to rely on when it comes to the question “Who is Your Fave NEW Artist Right Now?”  There were a lot of responses and suggestions!

Top 5 responses with the most “votes”:


Sturgill Simpson

1. Sturgill Simpson

2. John Baumann

3. Parker Millsap

4. Junior Gordon

5. Justin Van Sant

Here are some of the other responses.

Adam Drake: “Depending on what ‘new’ means, I’ve gotta go with Sam Riggs as a guy who’s on the climb but still considered new by many people.  Another new artist that might is more unknown and more new to people is Pat Ryan.  He’s a local College Station guy and has a cool smooth voice.”

Kevin Robbins: “Benton Leachman.”

Justin Wayne Fox: “Shane Smith and the Saints and Sturgill Simpson, and American Aquarium.”

Cody Gill: “Jon Stork is pretty awesome with a great sound.”

John Fullbright

John Fullbright

Faye Beth Purifoy: “Little Outlet!!!”  

Mike Ethan Messick: “Leaning towards John Fullbright or Brandy Zdan…Or John Baumann or Daniel Thomas Phipps…So much good new stuff seems to pop up every couple of years.  And some of the folks that I’m actually friends with might seem new to a lot of people, but I’ve been listening to them for years so they’re already stars to me, ha ha!”

Lysette Lerma: “Zane Williams!”

Robert DiBlanco: “Darwin Macon.”

Patti Derr: “Pardo n Reed.”

Jimmie Hackworth Sr: “Abbey Cate Cone!”

Dave Maisano: “I agree with Mike Ethan Messick on Daniel Thomas Phipps.  Matt Harlan is also finally getting noticed by others.  James A. Pardo is another.. I can go on….. too many.”

Jeff Parker: “Mo Pitney gets my ears.”

Stephanie Sara Schaefer: “Abbi Walker Petkoff.”

Colin Zamarippa: “John Moreland.”

Patti Derr: “Chubby Knuckle Choir and Friends!!!”

Matt Harlan: “Caitlin Canty and Ryan Culwell.”

A dang good singer-songwriter in his own right, Ray Johnston, offered these choices: “Mo Pitney, Sturgill Simpson, & Allman Brothers.”

Randall Hubbard: “Zac Wilkerson.”

Sean Claes: “There’s an Austin band called The Longbox that I’ve been spinning a lot.”

Shelley Sievers Rodriguez: “I love the Three Man Jam of Junior Gordon, Justin van Sant and Josh Fuller!  Doesn’t get any better and they put on one hellavah great show!  Love the stories & music!  Pure magic right there!!!”

Mary-Margaret Allen-Keating: “Maddie and Tae!”

I highly recommend that if you’re looking for new music, that you check these guys and gals out!  The only way we can grow the scene, is by letting others know who we are diggin’!

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