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TJ’s Phone Calls

TJ Broscoff has such a cool voice and I’m always glad to hear new music from him!  I’m even more excited that he’s released a new video for his latest single “Phone Calls!”  And even better, the video has a twist in it.

I asked TJ why he had released a video for this one and here’s what he told me: “Art comes in many forms.  I think releasing videos gives listeners an opportunity to experience my take on what a song may or may be not about.  ‘Phone Calls’ was one of my most favorite songs to write.  I think everyone can relate to the constant dings and ringing of our cell phones, and while we are communicating and getting things done, sometimes we still feel a bit lonely doing the chores of everyday life.  I remember a long time ago we all loved to hear a call on our phones.  Now it seems some days we want to smash them.  Other than that, videos are just a blast to make!!”

See what you think about the new video by watching it here:

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