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THEY Do Exist

I have never been more annoyed than I was after hearing some ass clown record exec from Nashville say that if you’re “NOT on Country mainstream radio, than you don’t exist.”

Excuse me, sir, may I point out the following artists who have had INCREDIBLE success with or without major corporate radio station support?aaron watson #1

1. Aaron Watson

2. Sturgill Simpson

3. Brandy Clark

4. Wade Bowen

5. Randy Rogers Band

6. Granger Smith

7. Kevin Fowler

I can go on and on.  The list is quite long in Texas and the surrounding region.  Have you seen some of these folks shows? No, you haven’t because you’re stuck in some “ivory” tower on Music Row blinded by your OLD ways.  It’s time to wake up and listen to some REAL MUSIC and step out of the box.

My advice to artists who continue to make music that is REAL and matters, as my friend Jack Ingram says, just “Keep on Keepin’ on.”

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  1. Tell Em Katie! Get Em girl. Won’t curse in front if a lady by I got 2 words for that exec.

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