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Theme Song of My Life

Ask people their favorite TV show theme songs and you get answers like “The Dukes of Hazzard,”  “Friends,” “The Fall Guy,” “Miami Vice,” and so many others.

Ask Texas/Red Dirt fans, their personal life “Theme Song” and there are several that stand out as popular.

Here are the top 6 per replies from my inquiries on social media and personal conversations:  billy joe shaver

6. “Carry On” – Pat Green

5.  “Keep On Keeping On” – Jack Ingram

4. “Trains I Missed” – Walt Wilkins

3. “100% Texan” – Kevin Fowler

<—2. “Live Forever” – Billy Joe Shaver  (National radio talk show host, Michael Berry swears by this one for himself!)

1.” The Road Goes On Forever” – Robert Earl Keen

Some of the others mentioned:

My Twitter buddy, Holmes, replied with “Goin’ Down in Style” by Robert Earl Keen was his theme song.

Chris from Twitter tweeted:  “If I Had a Boat” by Lyle Lovett.

Callie Fender said: ” Merry Christmas From The Family.  Or almost any Kevin Fowler song.  Hahaha!”

Jeremy Duncan tweeted that “Poor Mans Son” by Charlie Robison is his.

Anna Johnson shared that “Mexican Sky” from Cross Canadian Ragweed was hers.

And finally my friend, Rita Ballou posted a few lyrics on FB that summed up her theme song: “One things for certain, everybody’s going to know my name…if I’m going down, I’m going down in flames.”  Which of course is Brandon Jenkins’ “Down in Flames.”  That sounds about right for Ms. Rita!  😉

Mine changes from day to day sometimes, but today it’s Cory Morrow’s version of “He Carries Me!”

So tell me, what is YOUR theme song?


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