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The Power Couples

waylon and jessi

Waylon and Jessi


Tammy and George

June Carter and Johnny Cash

Johnny and June


There have been many famous “power” couples in the music business for years so it got me to thinking: Who are some of the super power couples in the Texas/Red Dirt music scene?  I threw that question out into the social media world and got a lot of great responses.  Here are my top 6:

  1. Ray Wylie Hubbard and Judy Hubbard
  2. Cody and Shannon Canada
  3. Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis
  4. Walt and Tina Wilkins
  5. Jason Eady and Courtney Patton
  6. Brian Keane and Rachel Loy

Here are some of the others that you (the readers) suggested!

Adam and Chris Carroll

Thom Shepherd and Coley Mccabe

John Evans and Emily Bell

Brennan Leigh and Noel McKay

Dean and Susie Sellers-Dillon

Richie and Kim Allbright

Brant Croucher and Lainey Balagia

Junior Gordon and Cheramy Richarz Gordon

Justin and Presley Fulcher

Justin Frazell and Casey Stamps Frazell

Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore

Chris and Morgane Stapleton

Josh Ward and Heather Mauney Ward

Who else do you think fits that title?


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