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Texas Artists Love Them Some George Jones

George Jones’ music has resonated with so many artists for so many years and that definitely includes those in the Texas/Red Dirt scene!  Check out what a few from our scene claim are their favorites:


Wade Bowen

Wade Bowen: “It really depends on what day you ask me cause it changes so much. Today I’ll say ‘She Thinks I Still Care.’  It’s a timeless tune that could always be a hit at any time and is the definition of what makes country music great!  And it has a brilliant way of hammering home the hook without wearing it out.”

Matt Parrish, Market Junction: “That’s easy:  ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today.’  I love slow sad songs and that one is a well crafted tune by Bobby Braddox and Curley Putman.  Jones had that perfect touch of melancholy in his voice. No one could have done it as well as he did.”

Bart Crow: “Still Doin Time or CC Waterback.  SDT- because it’s the epitome of what a country song used to be and The Possum sings it as masterfully as any of his amazing songs.  CCW – Was one of the first songs I learned how to play guitar ad sing at the same time with a friend of mine.  It’s just a great song by two of the greatest that just so happen to be friends, too.”

Rich O’Toole: “‘The Corvette Song.’  I would sing this around the house as a kid.  Kind of got me into Country Music. Loved when George would sing the low part.”

Tyler Jones, Tyler and the Tribe: “‘He Stopped Loving Her Today.’  It was played at the funerals of some of the most important men in my life bringing a flood of emotions and memories to me when I hear it.”

Steve Helms Band 2

Steve Helms

Steve “old man” Helms: “‘I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair’… Cause I’m old and I get what he’s saying.  Well, I, mean Katie you know about being old, too.”  Very funny!  🙂

Jamey Ice, Green River Ordinance: “Love the old school early George Jones songs like ‘White Lightning,’ ‘Why Baby Why’ and ‘Don’t Stop the Music.’  The songs were rowdy and fun and just have a young character to them.  But then I also love the more famous George Jones ballads like ‘He Stopped Loving Her’ and ‘Golden Ring.’  The words and the stories are just so good and relatable.  No one does heartache like George Jones with his awesome baritone voice.”

Josh Jenkins, Green River Ordinance: ‘I grew up playing Opry’s in Texas at the age of 11.  We would sing classics from Merle Haggard and George Jones.  My dad would always sing ‘The Race Is On.’  I grew up with that song ingrained into my heritage.  Love that one.”

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