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Scooter Brown Band

Rock.  Soul.  Country.

That’s how I describe the Scooter Brown Band led by vocalist/guitarist Scott Brown.

But there’s more to the band than just their music, which by the way, I LOVE.  Scott, for one, is a Marine and SBB’s drummer, Matt Bledsoe is a former U.S. Army soldier.  They along with the rest of the band, Steven Sutherland (Bass/Vocals) and Brian Rowe (Lead Guitar), have a love and appreciation for their fellow veterans and do their best to show their support.  Whether it be in song or by working with organizations who provide services for veterans.

Lead singer Scott Brown sat down and answered a few questions for me over the holiday break.  Enjoy!  Scooter Brown Band

Katie: Being a military veteran, you obviously have a deep appreciation and respect for your fellow veterans and are involved heavily with programs to support returning veterans.  Tell us about the work you have been involved in.

Scott: I love working with our nations heroes.  My friend Chris Kyle use to say, “It’s our duty to serve those who serve us.”  I’ve worked with so many different organizations that do great things.  I spend most of my time with Base Camp 40 Warriors in the Wild.  I am co-founder and asst. director of the organization.  We take combat veterans on hunting and fishing trips, along with outdoor adventure trips.  Being in the woods with fellow vets sharing stories, the good ones and the bad has such a healing effect.  More than any shrink could give.  I also support my friend Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor Organization, Heroes Project which was the brain child of Chris Kyle.  There are so many great ones.

Katie: Also give us a word or two on what we can do to help the veterans.

Scott: Support them.  Look into smaller organizations that are 501c3 non profits that are really helping guys one on one.  Listen to them.  If you know someone you think could use some help, reach out and get them some.  22 veterans commit suicide every day in our country.  There are many units out there that have lost more guys to suicide when they return than they lost from combat.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.  You might save a life.

Katie: 2014 started out with some ups & downs and changes to the band but ended up being an awesome year for you guys with a new record being recorded and more.  What has it been like for you as a band leader?

Scott: This year has been a roller coaster for sure!  At the end of the day, we are better band starting 2015 than we were in 2014.  We have changed a lot of things, including our overall sound.  It’s still SBB but with a lot more Riff and Rock N’ Roll!  We plan on the new record to drop in the Spring on 2015.  It will be self titled Scooter Brown Band.  Basically saying, this is us, take it or leave it.  As far as being a band leader, I tell you what, it’s been a ride this year.  My advice to new comers is, this is a business.  Treat it like one.  If you want to be in a fun little hobby band and split your gig money, play a couple times a month, do a record and think one day some dude in a suit is going to walk in a bar and sign you to some huge deal, you might need to stop smoking so much dope and get some reality.  You have to hustle and work your ass off.  You have to work the road.  You have to do shows on birthdays and holidays, even if your wife gives you some shit.  If you want it bad enough, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and have a group that is willing to follow you.  Never quit, never give up!

Katie: I’ve been stealing and posting pics from your social media of the work you guys are doing in the studio…and I know I’m not the only one ready to hear the new stuff…what should we expect to hear?

Scott: Expect to hear a rock n roll band that has a country problem.  Our records in the past have been a bit soft, this one will smack you right in the face.  I can not wait for people to hear this record.  It is the best project we’ve ever done.  Adam Odor and Dave Perceful and Yellow Dog Studios are great to work with.

Katie. Personally you’ve also had some changes…like a new baby in the family! Tell us about that baby boy.

Scott: Yup, adding to the collection. LOL!  My wife and I have 4 kiddos: 2 are biological and we’ve adopted 2.  Our youngest, Eli, is our first boy!  He is an amazing blessing to our family.  I love him so much, as I do the rest of our kids, Logan, Kinsley & Anniston.  We like to watch football and Rambo movies together.  He’s 9 months old, trying to train him early.  LOL

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