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Sam Riggs and the Night People

Sam Riggs and the Night People are everywhere it seems these days.  More and more fans are discovering them every day which of course is the ultimate goal of every musician.

Sam’s beginning wasn’t all that well received, however.  His music was “too polished, too mainstream” for the Texas music fan and he knew he needed to change, “you can’t bullshit a Texan.”  So with a little help from an icon, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Sam stripped it all down and found HIS sound.  Texas fans liked what they heard, which in turn blew his calendar up with dates.

Sam’s busy but I was able to get a little time with him to answer a few questions.  Enjoy! sam riggs3

Katie: Sam, you’re on fire!  All I hear is “Sam Riggs, Sam Riggs, Sam Riggs”… why do you think you guys have taken off and done so well, so fast?

Sam: Honestly I’d chock it up to persistence and fans.  It takes time to figure out who you are and where you’re going in this world.  It’s taken me about 6 or 7 years since I started down this road to get to where I am now.  I wanted something of my own – a different sound.  I think when I finally started to hammer that out, things started to change for me.  Along side the amazing support I’ve gotten from radio, when people started tuning into what I was doing, it spread like a grass fire.  I’m very grateful to everyone who’s supported me thus far, radio included, but I really owe it all to the fans.  They inspire me to be my best, and I will continue to deliver just that: my best.

Katie: We’ve talked before about working closely with the Guru of Groove, Ray Wylie Hubbard, but tell me what is one thing he’s told you tht seems to be the piece of advice that you live day to day?

Sam: Ray always pushed me to be myself.  Originality is key in this world.  He also said “you can’t afford anything less than great, so don’t sell yourself short.  If it ain’t great, don’t put it out there.”  I live by that rule.

Katie: Oh, how I wish more folks would live by that rule!  So is there a new record in the works, I hope? Tell us a little about it and what’s the timetable for it?

Sam: Yes!  New record will be coming this year!  It’s going to transcend everything I’ve done thus far.  I’m creating something that I believe will hit harder than my past records, and leave people with a sense of connection.  I want this record to change things in a big way for us.

Katie: Can’t wait!  Looking back at your childhood, is this where you thought you’d be? Or did you want to be a superhero? 🙂

Sam: Actually, yes haha.  This was my first dream as a kid!  As I grew up I went through all kinds of phases.  Bull rider, race car driver, pilot (still a huge dream of mine), and then eventually I settled back in with music.  THERE IS NO PLAN “B”.

Find out more about Sam Riggs and the Night People here: and go see them live!

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