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Rivers and Rust

Have you heard of them?  Well, maybe not with the title “Rivers and Rust,” but what if I told you it’s a duo made up of the Rivers and Rust 2beautifully talented Sheila Marshall whom we all love and adore AND Kyle Cook?  Who is Kyle Cook?  Well, he’s only the cool guitar player from Matchbox Twenty.

So, how did these two come together to create this duo?  Marshall and Cook first met nearly eight years ago, when a mutual friend passed some of Marshall’s songs along to the rocker.  “He liked my music, so we ended up meeting in Nashville and we just hit it off,” she recalls.  Cook produced her second album, What If I Was, building a friendship and professional respect between the two.  In late 2014, the pair decided to mix their voices and styles to become Rivers and Rust.  They’re currently working on their first album.

Stay tuned for more on these two…

Here’s a performance video to give you a hint on what beautiful tunes they are creating:


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