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Ringling Road: WCG’s Freak Show

Rachel Loy is the shiznit when it comes to bringing out the best in people when she produces their CDs and that’s just exactly what she’s done with William Clark Green on his new release Ringling Road.WCG Ringling Road

Here’s some of my fave songs from the project:

“Next Big Thing”: The guitar intro made me a double take to make sure I wasn’t listening to a Ray Wylie Hubbard tune…and that’s a good thing!  And then WCG hits you with his unique voice and the lyrics…wow, I loved this song!  Having your name on everyone’s lips is a good thing but not if you’re pocket book isn’t showing you the dollar signs to back it up quite yet.

“Final This Time”: Oh wow…what a song.  An incredibly sad song about the kind of love you THINK you want and you go back again and again only to remember this kind of love isn’t what you want after all.

“Going Home”: What a fun toe tapping tune!

So to summarize, Rachel Loy HAS brought out some more amazing music out of William Clark Green.  Not that you would expect it to be hard for WCG to be his best but I truly think this CD takes him up another level.

Oh!  And how damn cool is the artwork?!  Sarah Dodds and Shauna Dodds of Backstage Design Studio have once again outdone themselves in the art department!

There are so many things I love about WCG starting with his totally unique voice.  Then there’s his great lyrics.  His song choices for his releases are always spot on.

Buy Ringling Road today!

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