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REK’s Anniversary

I am so jealous this is taking place and I won’t be able to attend!  It’s the 20th Anniversary of Robert Earl Keen’s No. 2 Live Dinner and he’s having a big celebration at the place where this iconic album was recorded, Floore’s Country Store in Helotes, Texas just outside of San Antonio on Saturday, September the 12th!

I remember hearing this album a LOT at my aunt and uncle’s house in 1996!

If you don’t have this album, shame on you!  It’s a classic and should be in every true Texas music fan’s collection.  Here’s the track listing…just check out all those great tunes!

(All tracks written by Robert Earl Keen, except where noted)

“Intro” – :33
“I’m Going to Town” (Robert Earl Keen, Fred Koller) – 2:36
“Gringo Honeymoon” – 5:02
“Merry Christmas from the Family” – 3:55
“Five Pound Bass” – 4:04
Band Intro – 1:29
“Rollin’ By” – 4:04
“Sonora’s Death Row” (Kevin Farrell) – 4:56
“When The Bluebonnets Bloom” (Robert Earl Keen, Fred Koller) – 1:57
“Think It Over One Time” – 3:29
“Amarillo Highway” (Terry Allen) – 2:51
The Road Intro – 5:07
“The Road Goes on Forever” – 8:31
“Dreadful Selfish Crime” – 7:19
Mariano Intro – 2:50
“Mariano” – 4:07
“I’m Comin’ Home” – 4:24

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