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Recording a Live CD at the RCC

Excited to announce that the VERY first LIVE CD to be recorded at my favorite venue, the Redneck Country Club in Stafford, is taking place October 21st and it’s being done by David Grace!  David Grace

Here’s what David has to say about it: “It will be my acoustic set with 8-10 new (& some old) Original Songs & 8-10 of our favorite covers! I am beyond excited to finally get something new out to y’all. Our set will be 7pm-9pm, it’s open to the public & it’s FREE!  It will be the first live recording held at the Redneck Country Club & I’m very honored to even be considered for it. Help spread the word so we can make this first time Live Album a success! I hope to see y’all on October 21st!  Special thanks to The Galaxie Jewelers for making this record possible. Beyond thankful.”

Spread the word y’all!

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  1. Can’t wait to hear this new album!

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