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Prayers for Willie

Reps for Willie Nelson have announced that he will be taking some time off the road due to some health issues. Willie Nelson

A statement on Nelson’s Facebook page reads: “Unfortunately Willie has been feeling under the weather so a couple dates have been rescheduled and one cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Prayers for a speedy recovery!

19 Comments on Prayers for Willie

  1. Connie johle // October 16, 2015 at 1:45 am // Reply

    Please get all rest you need,,,,,we love you here in lampasas,,,,,,i was very lucky to have gotten to work a picinic at paleface ,,,great memories!!!! Prayers!!!! My friend!!!

  2. Praying for a speedy recovery !!

  3. smoke a joint willie and get some rest god is good.

  4. My name is Willy too, but my heart goes out to the kindest man on this earth..God bless you always Willie Nelson! The whole world needs the love you visioned for…

  5. We love you Willie! My prayers for your speedy recovery. Many hugs sent your way too! Don’t let it get you down. Laughter is really the best medicine, so keep on Laughing! Laugh at yourself, if you can’t, then call me and I will come laugh at you! Big smile!

  6. Praying for a speedy recovery willie.a fan in san antonio texas.

  7. Prayers are with you Willie ! Take care of yourself, and feel better soon!!

  8. Prayers for Willie to get well soon!

  9. Get well soon Wille

  10. Hang in there old Pard !

  11. Please take some time. You should have your own family venue close to home. I just saw you in California was afraid I’d miss the opportunity. It would by really hard for me at my young age to do all that traveling. Thank you for coming to Thunder Valley casino in Lincoln ca. I’ll never forget my Husband my Daughter and Son in law and Myself went and my friend Cat.thank you
    Be well Willie
    Lisa Gresham-Gordon

  12. Willie we here in Munford,all hopes you get better real soon and when you do I wished u could come down here and many do a concert praying thank you and god bless and please send this small construction company a friend request

  13. Love you, Willie!! Get better soon! <3

  14. Be kush to yourself, feel better! Hugggs from Keller, TX!

  15. Get well soon willie xxx gem uk

  16. Hey Willie! Sorry to hear you are
    Under the weather! Lived on Maui-
    Saw you oncel outside a store where
    You were passenger in a small truck-
    I figured beer run-I looked from my
    4 runner and thought it was you, and
    You waved at me. Wanted so badly
    To see you play local, didn’t get the
    Chance, dammit! Wish you all the
    Best and hope you have a speedy
    Recovery! Always a fan of yours-
    Rest and be well, my friend! I still
    See you waving and smiling!!! 🙂

  17. Love and prayers my friend!
    Be well and rest, we all need R &R
    Sometimes! Workin too hard!

  18. prayers are with you willie when you cme threw you would allways stop and sing for us at lock hart cafe hiway 98 hattiesburg, miss we enjoyed lt thanks amillion pray get well soon.

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