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Pat’s New Tune = Many Tears!

If Pat Green’s new song, “While I Was Away” doesn’t make you tear up…you must have a cold, cold heart!  It’s an amazing song that tells the story about those parents whose professions keep them from witnessing the day-to-day moments of their kids growing up.  It was penned by Zane Williams, an incredible singer-songwriter in his own right.

“I think this song is doing so well because it tells the truth about the human condition, and dang it, it just pulls on the heartstrings!” Pat told PEOPLE exclusively of the tune, originally recorded as a love letter to his children – son Kellis and daughter Rainey with wife Kori, an attorney.

Fellow singer/songwriter Charla Corn summed it up best: “Zane Williams penned it… Pat Green does it justice… The video makes you bawl like a baby even more!”  Give the video a watch here:

Looking forward to hearing this one live at the Redneck Country Club this weekend in Stafford, TX!

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