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Our Faves Are Not Just Country Fans – Part 2

Last week, we had artists tell us who some of their favorite non-Country artists are…here are some more!  Enjoy!

curtis-grimes (1)

Curtis Grimes

Curtis Grimes: “I had to think about this one for a while, but I guess outside of “country music” I would go with Ray Charles as a singer/songwriter idol. From vocals to musical arrangements he was one of the best. As far as favorite song, I love his rendition of ‘America The Beautiful,’ but for an original I’ll say ‘Georgia On My Mind.”

Felix Truvere: “There are many non-country artists in the last five decades ranging from the Beatles to Michael Jackson that in combination have influenced my musical performance & artistry; very difficult to choose just one.  But if I’m forced to choose one; I guess I choose Prince because of his work ethic, creativity, entertainment presence, unique style, and ability to balance a level head with such artistry in such a business.  This true Artist owns his stage in any format, able to perform on many instruments musically.  The depth of his lyrics and stylistic presentation of his music have always spoken his soul to his fans from his early beginnings.  An artist speaks/presents his/her art with a certain “ownership” that undeniably speaks their soul.

There are many artists fitting this ‘idol’ category for me.  Prince came to mind today most likely because another genius Texas Country artist I much respect, Haydn Vitera, posted a video of an acoustic performance by Prince today on Facebook.  It was a great performance 🙂 and in my mind currently.  Lol!”

Rich O’Toole: “Jay Z is one of my idols based on Lyrics, Hooks and Business.  Jay’s hooks are incredible.  The first time I heard ‘Big Pimpin’ I lost it.  Country and Rap are a lot alike.  Without good lyrics and a beat you have nothing.”

Tyler Rogers: “John Mayer, Rob Thomas, Tom Petty, Don Henley. Not in that order Don number one, for sure.”


Cameran Nelson

Cameran Nelson: “Ummm… I took a Journey to Kansas, stopped in Boston and met some Eagles fans.  I was in a Rush and got stopped by The Police, then ran into some kung Foo Fighters who told me to not Kiss the Scorpions. My Buddy Holly called, he’s a Foreigner, he found Alice In Chains outside of Chicago.  He’s usually Bad Company, but did tell me where to find Styx for Smashing Pumpkins.  Stopped in at Linkin Park, drank from an Oasis, then used the water to start a Soundgarden.  The trip was taking a little long, so I asked the Stone Temple Pilots to fly me there on the Jefferson Airplane.  They were quite the Motley Crew, and told me about their Blue Oyster Cult where the try to achieve Nirvana while eating Pearl Jam.  And Green Day…I like them too.  I couldn’t pick one.”

Heath Robinson of Tyler and the Tribe: “Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) is definitely an idol of mine. The song ‘Mayonaise’ from the Siamese Dream album is my favorite. It’s so lush, but ROCK N ROLL!’

HA!  Love these and especially Cameran’s creative response!

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