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Our Faves Are Not Just Country Fans – Part 1

Wade Bowen names Bruce Springsteen as his idol…and I thought it’d be cool to ask others about their favorite NON-country singer/songwriters…got some great responses!  (This is just some of the responses, I will run more next week.)

Bart Crow: “I have about 500 ‘idols,’ but right now I’m listening to Neil Young, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie and Brandon Flowers.”

Jeff Grossman of Saints Eleven: “Not that he didn’t do any Country, but hands down Elvis Presley. I’m not saying that just to sound hip either. My mom always had an Elvis record playing on the stereo when she was cleaning house when I was a kid.  There were a lot of them, but I always liked his version of ‘How Great Thou Art.’”

Aaron woods band

Aaron Woods Band

Aaron Woods of Aaron Woods Band: “John Fogerty with Creedance Clearwater Revival!”

Shane Barnhill: “Rob Thomas!  Some of my favorites of his: ‘Bent,’ ‘Unwell,’ ‘Back to Good.'”

Adam Hood: “My answer to this question has always been so ‘unwavering’ that it’s made me a broken record, so I’m gonna get outside of the box for you, Katie.  Getting past the John Hiatt and Delbert McClinton blah blah that everyone is used to hearing from me… Ian Moore is a big influence. His first album came out in 1993, my senior year of high school.  I was a sponge then.  I saw him open for…wait for it… Lynyrd Skynyrd in Birmingham and I was blown away!!  This was just after Stevie Ray died and right before I got turned on to Jack Ingram and Pat Green. Since then, I never missed a CD release from him.  I also paid close attention to how he transitioned from major label, to total independent, then to indie label and from full band guitar slinger to solo singer songwriter.  I learned to ‘try anything’ as a writer from him, because that guy has done it all musically.  I’ve had the opportunity to open for him a few times and he is one of the kindest people I’ve ever shared the stage with…Truly!  One time I sent him a Facebook message asking how to play a song of his and he sent me the chord changes for the entire song!  That’s rare.  That’s also the definition of what it means to influence someone because he has certainly influenced many aspects of my career.”

Tyler Jones of Tyler and the Tribe: “Dave Grohl, ‘February Stars.'”

matt hillyer2

Matt Hillyer

Matt Hillyer: “I really dig Randy Newman.  I love ‘Living Without You.'”

Check back next week for more responses from artist like Adam Hood, Rich O’Toole and Felix Truvere!

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