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Natalie Rose

With all the talk about women in Country music, including the Texas/Red Dirt scene, not getting enough radio airplay and concert support, I knew I wanted to do my part by highlighting a new female artist!  This week’s spotlight is on Natalie Rose.

Natalie, like most kids sang and played dress up, but apparently she also took it to a whole other level.  At age 2, after watching a Disney movie, she came home and played the main song on the piano by ear!  At age 8, she convinced her parents to let her perform every Friday night at their family restaurant!  Needless to say her drive and determination to keep singing has not stopped.  As a young adult, she and her band have opened for Gary Allan, Kevin Fowler, Randy Rogers Band, Clay Walker, Charley Pride, Ronnie Milsap, Roy Clark and Aaron Watson.

Enjoy my spotlight on this young female troubadour!

Katie: Describe yourself in 5 words.

Natalie: (This one’s difficult) I see myself as: Determined, Shy, Awkward, Loud, and Loving. Natalie Rose

Katie: You started singing when you were very young.  Do you remember your first performance?  Tell us about it.

Natalie:  I cannot remember my first performance, as there have been so many through the years.  Some of the earliest performances I can actually remember though were singing in my family’s restaurant at 8 years old with a Karaoke machine, but I’ve been singing at churches and such since I was about 5.

Katie: It seems there has been a great deal of controversy about female singers on the radio, especially Country radio.  What is your take on this “controversy?” How do you differentiate your music from everyone elses?

Natalie:  That controversy bugs me a lot, because it was already difficult enough for female singers.  But I hope that maybe this will be sort of a “revolution” where all the female singers show the boys how it’s done.  

On a serious note, I feel that women have always been looked down on in the music business.  One of the main stereotypes is, “Women can’t put on a good show or entertain,” which makes it difficult to get booked.  I put on high energy shows, as does The Band Perry, Miranda Lambert and many others.  Selena Quintanilla apparently got told this quite a bit when she was starting out, and look how her shows were!  It’s in all genres, not just country.  Female Rock, Country, Rap, Tejano and many other genres get it. The only one they go easy on women in is Pop.  There are a lot of amazing and talented performers out there, men and women, of all genres and it’s like, we’ve come so far.  We don’t need to step backwards.  Music is a beautiful thing to enjoy for everyone.  Good voices are good voices, good songs are good songs.  Nothing else should matter.

I don’t have any specific style to my original music.  If I write a song, it’s something I feel.  If I choose a song already written, it’s because I like the song.  I just love music. 

Katie: Such great points!  Whats this I hear you can sing in 5 different languages?

Natalie: I know a few songs in other languages, (like I said, I love all music!) because I found favorites and just had to sing them myself.  I’ve always wanted to speak other languages, and I feel like singing and understanding the song will give me a little head start to learning the languages.  I took Spanish lessons as a child for a few years but I forgot nearly everything as I got older because I never used it or practiced.  I sing songs in Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Finnish, and of course, English. Being Italian, and having grandparents who were from Italy, (They passed away when I was a child) it’s the first one I want to learn.  I feel like knowing the language would make me feel closer to them since I didn’t get to really know them growing up. Hopefully one day!

Katie: What do you do in your down time?

Natalie: I’m pretty boring actually.  I enjoy reading books and spending time with my animals.  I have cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, horses, a Cockatoo, and even squirrels! My favorite past time though is sleeping.  I can take a mean cat nap. (; I do so many shows, sometimes 4-5 a week, (including kid’s birthday parties!) that by the time a day off rolls around, I’m super exhausted.  I get as much sleep as I can before the next weekend starts!  I have a few friends I met years ago online, (in Canada and England) so I’ll talk to them through Facebook chat for hours.  The most exciting things I like to do are going to the movies, the mall, amusement parks/etc. I also like to clean.  A lot.

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