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My New Obsession

“I’m just a traveller on this earth,

Sure as my heart’s behind the pocket of my shirt.”

Chris Stapleton is my obsession.  Again.  Let me explain.  A few years ago I was obsessed with his single, “What Are You Listening To.”  So when I heard he was releasing a new FULL album, I got downright excited and the obsession kicked back in.  Give a watch to that original single and see why I became obsessed the first time:

Chris is most known for being with The Steeldrivers, a bluegrass band that kicks ass, but he’s written or sung on songs for Luke Bryan, Josh Turner, Miranda Lambert and many others; Adele has even covered his compositions, and so has Allison Krauss.  But the best news of all is that Chris has announced his debut solo album will be released May 5!

Chris told Rolling that this project was inspired by a soul-searching trip west with his wife.  “I lost my dad back in October 2013, and I had a single (“What Are You Listening To”) that did not do so well on the radio,” he says.  “I needed some head-clearing space, and my wife had the presence of mine to purchase me… an old Jeep, a 1979 Jeep Cherokee out in Phoenix.  Instead of having it shipped back, we flew out there and drove it to south Florida and then home.  It’s a long haul back to here, which is kind of a crazy thing to do in a vehicle you aren’t sure is going to make it or not.  We lost an alternator along the way, but that was about it.”

During the drive, Chris came up with the title track.  “It says a lot about life and how we’re all passing through it.  That’s where that song came from and it works on a number of levels. It’s going to mean something to different people,” he says.

Sprawling 14 tracks, Traveller was produced by Dave Cobb, the producer du jour who has helped country return to its more organic roots via albums by Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell and Jamey Johnson.  Speaking on his producer, “We have a love of outlaw country things and soul music and old R&B…We’re just trying to find something that we think is cool and go with that.  And not worry about catering too much.  Dave is really fearless in that way, in recording, producing and playing.”

Check out this behind-the-scenes trailer for Traveller here:

Now can you see why I’m obsessed?!

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