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Making My Heart Skip a Beat

There are just some artists that make my little hear skip a beat and Jason Eady is one of those.  And no, it’s not anything my husband needs to worry about…it’s just that I’m overjoyed to hear that Jason has been in the studio working on a new album!

Jason posted this photo on his way to the studio and had this to say: “Headed to the studio to start my new Jason Eady Randy Travisrecord!! After all these years @randytravis_official is still my go-to to warm up the vocal cords.”

And he had this to say about the work they’ve done on the new project: “I’ve been proud of every record I’ve ever made and I love all of them, but what we’ve done in the studio over the last three days is a whole other level for me. This is the record I’ve been working my whole life to make. I can’t wait to get this one out in the world. It’s been an unbelievably magical week.”

Can’t can’t wait to hear it!

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