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The other day I was lucky enough to hear a new cut from a close friend and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Who was it?  Steve Helms

What was it?  Steve and his band have cut a classic country tune for their new EP and made it their own!

The classic tune?  Johnny Rodriguez’s “Riding My Thumb to Mexico.”

As I’ve posted before on my blog, Deryl Dodd produced this EP.  I asked Deryl to tell me what it was like working with Steve and this is Steve Helms and Deryl Doddwhat he told me: “When Steve asked me about producing his new album I was honored because I knew what a great musician, singer/songwriter, entertainer extraordinaire and he’s from Cleburne-by-God-Texas!  One of the songs we recorded was ‘Riding My Thumb to Mexico.’  The original classic song from Johnny Rodriguez.  To take a song like that and make it your own, is not an an easy thing to do.  And Steve nailed it.”

I also asked Steve to give me his take on working with Deryl: “Deryl is one of my best friends.  He has a knack for hearing melodies and pitch better than anyone I’ve worked with.  He sat in the control booth with his dark sunglasses on and created the best work I’ve been a part of !  Most people don’t realize all that he has done in his career on and off the stage.  It is an honor for me to have someone like DD be a fan of me and my music!”

The other songs on the EP (also titled Riding My Thumb to Mexico) include:

“Your Voice, Those Words, My Heart” – co-written with Bri Bagwell

“Apartment” – also a co-write with Bri (and a heartbreaking song, I might add!)

“All It Needs to Be”

I’ve known Steve for many years now and the guy and his music just gets better and better!  This EP is NOW available on iTunes.  Get it TODAY!Steve Helms single photo

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