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LOVE Is In The Air

“I can see me being with you, for the rest of my life.
Two hearts, one love.
And I can see you loving me too, sure would be nice.
Two hearts, one love . . . that’s us.” ~ “Two Hearts” by Zona Jones

Obviously it’s that time of year where LOVE is in the air!

Zona Jones

Zona Jones

Love songs dominate music and especially the Texas/Red Dirt scene.  Some of my favorite songs include the one above that I truly LOVE is by Zona Jones “Two Hearts.”  My son says when he hears it he thinks about me and his Dad and our love for each other.  HOW SWEET IS THAT???

A couple of others include Wade Bowen’s “Who I Am” and Pat Green’s “Wave on Wave.”

I asked around and I’m not the only one who is feeling the love through music!  Here’s just a few of the MANY I was provided on my social media:

Lisa Rogers: “It’s not out yet but ‘No One Will Love You The Way I Do’ by Chad Ware.”

Cody Gill: “Aaron Watson’s new one, ‘ That Look’ is pretty good and so is Jason Cassidy’s ‘You.'”

 Jerry Howell: “‘Genevieve’ by Walt Wilkins.”

Kenny Graves: “‘Who I Am’ by Wade Bowen.  Best new love song, ‘Don’t Walk Away’ by Cooper Wade.”

Adam Drake: “I gotta go with ‘Shut Up And Dance’ by Aaron Watson.  Few things are as romantic as a waltz and the lyrics that accompany the beat describes love in real life.”

Ron Miller: “‘Wrapped for Me’ by Zach Walther.”

Carly Givens tweeted “I realize it’s not under the red dirt umbrella, but Jason Isbell’s ‘Cover Me Up’ became my favorite love song of all time.”

Brandon Meyers tweeted: “‘She Already Knows’ from Erick Willis is pretty dang good.”

Brandi on Twitter says, “Have to throw a nod at Sam Riggs for ‘Your Troubadour.'”

Bert ‏tweeted: “‘Texas Angel’ by Honeybrowne.  I win!”

Josh Reddoch: “‘Always on My Mind’ by Willie Nelson.”

Cameron Mazyn: “‘Love You For Loving Me’ by Stoney LaRue.”

Jeff Patterson: “‘Gypsy Angel’ Brandon Jenkins.”

Daniel Koller: “Brandon Rhyder ‘Let The Good Times Roll.’  I’ve loved it, felt it, since it was out.  Even have it on my ‘Doing it’ playlist. Don’t pretend like you don’t have one!”  LOL!!!!

Mark Myers: “‘Love Burns On’ by Rosehill.

Stephanie Sara Schaefer: “‘Love You for Loving Me’ Stoney LaRue.”

Wendy Jo Peterson had several: “Closest Thing to Home” by Matt Powell, “One Woman” by Randy Rogers Band, “Someone Somewhere Tonight” by Walt Wilkins.

Brandy Davis: “‘Everything To Lose’ by Kyle Bennett and ‘Turn On The Lights’ by Wade Bowen.”

Cooper Wade: “These are some great ones.  I encourage everyone to go listen to these songs if you haven’t heard them yet.  Right now for me, Cody Johnson’s ‘A Cowboy Like Me’ is really speaking to my heart. Great lyrics and song.”

Lysette Lerma: “Stoney LaRue’s ‘Just Let Me Hold You,’ it’s simple & loving!”

Several people mentioned Josh Ward’s “Sent Me You” including John Loring, Corbin Mock and Lisa Christie!

Tammy Ragusa mentioned Ryan Beaver’s “You Don’t Need Much” and then followed up with “But you also have to have, Wade Bowen – ‘Perfect Silence,’ Casey Donahew’s ‘Give You A Ring’  and JB & The Moonshine Band’s ‘Kiss Me That Way.’

Rita Ballou agrees with Tammy on “Perfect Silence.”

Donna Gaudet Middleton: “I’ve always liked Stoney LaRue’s ‘Let Me Hold You.'”

Matt Kopycinski’s response was great: “You have got to quit giving me marketing opportunities for our music!  ‘Best of Me’ by the Washers!”

Thanks again to all the folks who responded.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines filled with LOVE and GREAT music!

By the way, did ya’ll see the BEAUTIFUL love letter written by Johnny Cash to June Carter Cash?  WOW just wow.  Now THERE was a love story!  Read it here:

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