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Let’s Party!

Michael Berry

Michael “The Czar” Berry

This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary of THE best live music venue in Texas!  Of course, I’m talking about the Redneck Country Club in Stafford, TX owned by national radio talk show host, Michael Berry.

We’re having a party to celebrate this anniversary!  The lineup for Saturday October 2nd’s show: Josh Fuller, Market Junction, Captain Legendary Band and Justin Van Sant.  Another RCC member favorite, Dub Miller, will also be there.  Gonna be a great time!

Michael told me, “Two years ago, I had a dream for the RCC, but the reality of what it has become has far surpassed it.  We’ve successfully incubated start-up acts, we’ve fostered struggling acts, we’ve bolstered acts that are seeing success, and we’ve celebrated some of the classic old artists we hadn’t seen in years.  We built the place with an eye toward the musician, knowing that happy musicians would make better music and put on better shows.  It has worked.”

Yes, it has worked!  Now I might be a little biased but I do think this club has gone above and beyond when bringing in amazing talent, an amazing staff that treats all the patrons and musicians with utmost care and honors our military past and present!

If you haven’t been to a show at the RCC, you’re missing out!  Check out the calendar to determine when you’ll be attending your NEXT or FIRST show:

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