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Kyle Hutton

About 15-16 years ago, I met a young man who was starting out in the music scene by the name of Kyle Hutton.  Kyle was new to the whole music thing but I could see a passionate drive behind his eyes that I knew meant I would be hearing and seeing the name Kyle Hutton for years to come.

And I was right.  In that time, Kyle has written hundreds of songs, produced or co-produced CDs for others, released several of his own albums, and started a “get to know” the songs and the songwriter series at a great listening room on the far north side of Houston, which in turn produced a radio show.  “The Real Life Real Music” series performers and performances reads like a “who’s who” of Texas and Americana music.

Kyle has lots of stuff going on and he’s definitely happy about that!  I was lucky enough to ask  few questions of this super busy man for my blog.  Enjoy!

Katie: You’ve been playing music for at least 15 – 16 years … which I just realized is about as long as I’ve known you!  Wow, time flies! 🙂  How has your music changed from the first song you wrote to your most recent?

Kyle: Well, the most important thing is that they’ve gotten better!  Really, I would say that is the main thing.  I’m still writing about dreams, people that I know, stories that I hear, you know, the things that are going on around me.  Things that are important to me, or things that I have to say.  That hasn’t really changed.

Kyle and the Mystiqueros

Kyle (far right) and the Mystiqueros

Katie: The Real Life – Real Music series started several years ago and you’ve been able to bring in some incredible artists to perform and talk about their music.  Has there been one that you were blown away by more than the others?  

Kyle: It’s hard to believe, but we are about to begin our eighth year of real life real music.  190 shows.  This is a really tough question, because so many of the shows stand out for different reasons.  If you are making me pick one, then I will say Billy Joe Shaver.

Katie: List some of the big ones and then tell us who is on your wish list for the RLRM?

Kyle: For historical content I will say Larry Gatlin, Michael Martin Murphy, John McEwan, whispering Bill Anderson.  Funniest shows, Paul Thorn of course , and Paul Overstreet, Mark Chestnut.  Straight up, all around talent, Sean McConnell, Suzy Bogguss, Hal Ketchum.  Songwriters, Walt Wilkins, Sam Baker, Allen Shamblin.

Wish list.  Randy Travis had his stroke two weeks before our date with him.  I hope someday he makes it back.  My number one would be Don Williams, with Lyle Lovett in a close second.

Katie: You are working towards a new CD with a Kickstarter campaign.  Tell us what we can expect on the new project.

Kyle: We have finished tracking on 15 songs for the new record.  So there is a lot on this one.  Definitely the best stuff I’ve written. Expect stories, introspection, love, regret, all of it.  I’ve had great people in the studio, great friends, helping me out on this one.

Katie: I know family and faith are two important parts of your life and they show through your music and actions.  In fact it wasn’t too long ago that you went on a trip to Haiti with your family (wife Tara and sons Brooks, Casen and Carter).  Tell us about that experience.

Kyle: Haiti was a full circle thing for me.  I was given up by my mother and then adopted only six weeks later by my amazing family. Because I was born here in the US, that’s how my story went.  In Haiti, my family and I got to hang out with a bunch of kids that will most likely never have that same chance.  That realization, in the form of kids that I got to hold and play with, has changed my perspective forever.  Changed my whole family’s perspective, including my son’s, who’s biggest problem is typically finding AA batteries for the Xbox remote.

We are already planning a return trip, and trying to figure out how RLRM can join the cause of protecting orphans.

More info on Kyle, his upcoming CD, (which you can help fund) and the Real Life Real Music Series can be found here: or

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