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Kyle Hutton: Honest & Raw

Kyle Hutton’s latest release Longest Days, Shortest Years is full of honest and raw emotions conveyed through the lyrics of its songs.  The theme of the album seems to be about different aspects of our lives: our faith, our loves and our passions.Kyle Hutton CD coverThe title track of the new CD, produced by Jeffery Armstreet, explores how fast life goes by!  Michael Martin Murphey joins in on the upbeat, reflective track with a cameo on guitar and vocals. “Being in the studio with Michael Martin Murphey was one of the highlights of making this record,” states Hutton, “his willingness to be involved cemented my feelings about this song being the title track.”

There was a host of other friends on the CD too, including Haley Cole on “I’ve Loved You” which blew me away…Haley’s vocals intertwined with Kyle’s was absolute perfection.

I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing the Chubby Knuckle Choir on “So Close to Saturday Night,” “Last Minute Austin,” and the live, unedited take of “Wingtip Shoes.”  But wait there’s more!  The incredibly talented Jamie Wilson joins Kyle for the duet “What it Takes to Sing These Songs,” a piece that looks directly into the soul of the independent troubadour.  Three of the fifteen songs on the CD were co-written with Hutton favorites: Walt Wilkins – “What I Dreamed Last Night,” Marcus Eldridge – “So Close to Saturday Night” and his oldest son Brooks Hutton – “Wallets and Watches.”

“Feast of Kings (Last Supper at the Alamo)” is a great look back at what could have been the night before the big battle at the Alamo.

I absolutely fell in love with “He Can.”  It’s a beautiful tune expressing all the power and love that God has for us if we just let Him in.

Such great songs from such a great guy.  And as the ever wise Walt Wilkins said about this project: “This is a wonderful record.  My favorite of Kyle’s so far; full of smart, soulful, real songs about being a full grown adult in this world of wonders & miseries.”  I have to say I agree.  Kyle’s writing has grown thousand fold in the almost 17 years that I’ve known him and his song subjects are even more apropos as we all grow a little bit older.

Yes it’s been out since July, but that just means you don’t have to wait to buy it!  Get it now at!

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