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Josh Fuller

Josh Fuller’s second CD, Keep On Bein’ Me, comes out this week and needless to say he and his fans are excited!  He’s covered all the bases on this project with a little bit of a rock sound as well as showcasing his Country roots.  I asked Josh a few questions about this new release and some other fun stuff for this week’s artist spotlight!   Enjoy~

Katie: Your sophomore album, Keep On Bein’ Me is coming out this week!  What’s your favorite song on it and why that one?

Josh: Very hard Josh Fuller3to choose just one, I am very proud of this album! “Just Here” means the most, because I wrote it in honor of my Mother in Law who passed away in February this year. The loss was sudden and hit my wife, kids and all of us very hard. I wrote the song out of raw emotion and I hope it shows.

Katie: That IS a beautifully written song.  There is so much competition out there for singer-songwriters, how do you differentiate yourself?

Josh: My goal is to write about my own life experiences while walking a line that keeps it organic yet marketable. I want to be as real as possible, but at the end of the day I want to support my family by selling records. I think it’s a very delicate balance.

Katie: What’s been the best music career advice you’ve gotten so far? Who gave it to you?

Josh: I received a lot of great advice from our friend Michael Berry. His advice and guidance that led me to chase my dream 100% and leave the day job behind has turned out to be the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my career, but it has pushed me to be more focused and driven and I know it will pay off. I know I wouldn’t be this far along without him.

Another great piece of advice came from the incredible Dub Miller. I was seeking advice and said,”you just keep on doin’ you! No one can do Josh Fuller like you can”. So thanks to him, I think I’ll Keep On Bein’ Me!

Katie: Pick one song (not your own) that has been an inspiration to your career.

Josh: “The River” by Garth Brooks.  The first time I ever sang in public was in front of 250 people and I sang “The River.”  Not only did it get me through some personal challenges and help me overcome, it is a great metaphor for chasing your dreams.

Katie: Describe the “perfect” gig.

Josh: The perfect gig is an engaged audience. I have been fortunate enough to play many great and not so great stages and the only thing that really matters is how engaged the audience is. I get the same feeling of excitement and accomplishment from 5 people who really loved what we were doing as I do 2000 people. I’ll take a small group of enthusiastic folks over a large group of passive listeners any day.

Josh’s CD Keep On Bein’ Me hits the streets this Friday!  On Thursday, you get a chance to pick up a copy early if you attend his CD Release show at the Redneck Country Club in Stafford, TX, when he performs! Josh Fuller CD cover

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