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Jody Booth

I’d heard  the name Jody Booth for several years before actually meeting him or hearing him sing.  But when I did, I was blown away.  Jody is a hell of a COUNTRY singer, writer and honestly, one of the best that I know.  (He also happens to be a nice guy!)  And it seems he’s getting heard and seen by more and more new fans every week!  This week’s spotlight is on this Southeast Texas singer:

Katie:  Jody, I honestly believe you’re one of the best true COUNTRY singers in our scene…what is your definition of “Country music?”

Jody: First of all, thank you. To be called one of the best in TRUE COUNTRY, is perhaps the greatest compliment I’ve ever received. My definition is easy…. True country is exactly that.  The truth.  Whether you wrote it, or you’re covering it, chances are, it came from the heart or at least struck a chord inside of you.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be crammed full of fiddle, steel guitar and chickin’ pickin’ telecaster to be true country.  It can be Sturgill Simpson, or it can be Randy Rogers Band.  It can be Josh Ward, John Slaughter, Jason Allen, Tim Nichols, Matt Caldwell etc….. Or it can be a little edgier, like Cody Johnson, Chris Stapleton and the Steeldrivers or even Hayes Carll.

What it CAN’T be is looped, pop sounding rap with a steel guitar buried waaaay back in the mix.jody booth 2

Katie: When did you start writing?  Do you remember what your first song was written about?

Jody: I can remember fishing and making up lines or parodies to popular songs as far back as 8 or 9 years old.  Around the same time that I started learning guitar from my sweet Momma.  The earliest one that I can remember completing was a waltz called “Matches.”

“if you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned
If you’re gonna love, that’s one thing you should learn.
If you play with fire, you’ll have scars like mine
You think that you’d learn, after 2 or 3 times.”

Must’ve been 11 or 12 years old. You know, the prime age for knowing all about love.

Katie: I saw where you got your first tattoo earlier this year which also happens to be Merle Haggard’s (your idol) signature on your arm.   At what point did you decide this would be your first tat?

Jody: I always said that if I were to ever get some ink, it would be something meaningful.  The Hag was down at the Stafford center back in April and I told my friend with 93Q, John Breland, about my idea for the tat and he arranged the meeting.  Merle stepped off the bus and I stuck out my hand and said, “Mr. Haggard, I write songs and sing them for a living and you are 95% of the reason I do it the way I do it.  If you don’t think I’m bat shit crazy, will you please autograph the inside of my freshly shaven forearm so, that I can go tonight and have it tattooed? So that I will, for the rest of my life, be able to chord my guitar and see where I came from, AND, it will prevent the desire to EVER play any of the Converse all-star, wallet chained, bro-country bullshit that’s shoved down my throat these days.”

He simply nodded, took the sharpie and proceeded to scribble his legendary moniker onto my skin.  Despite Michael Berry’s stories of meth headed tattoo artists, Gangrene and amputations, I safely had it permanently inked the next day.

Katie: You opened up for ‘The Hag’ about a month ago.  Tell us how you felt that day leading up to the event?

Jody: I did get to open for The Hag back on November 13th for the first time.  Due to him being under the weather, I didn’t get to visit with him.  But, I did get to play my songs in front of 4000 Haggard fans.  A big one checked off of the bucket list right there.

Katie: What’s on the horizon for you?  New music?

Jody: The future looks promising for this ole boy.  On top of a line of baseball caps that are more famous than me, I’ve been fortunate enough to write some new music with the likes of my buddies, Jason Allen, Tim Nichols, Kevin Fowler and my new friend, Dean Dillon.  Yea…. That Dean Dillon.  I’m one lucky S.O.B. to have a pretty lady that loves me, 2 beautiful, healthy daughters and a lot of friends and loved ones close by.

2015 is gonna be a good’n!!

I think he’s right, y’all!  Find out where you can see Jody perform here:

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