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Jason’s Angel Sign

Jason Cassidy is one of those artists that I can count on to deliver great Country music time and time again.  And his new CD is out and it’s definitely living up to the standards he has set.  Jason Cassidy CD cover

It’s titled 717  but I had to ask why that title?  Here’s what he told me:

“When I was finally getting free of my long drooling label litigation I started seeing the numbers 717 everywhere I looked.  Every time I looked at my phone, or the clock on the dash or mile marker signs,  9 times out of 10 it was 717.  Just anything and everything that had numbers seem to show 717.  I told my neighbor what was happening and they googled the number group 717 and it brought up a thing called Angel numbers.  Not only is 717 my birthday but these angel numbers gave me the peace and understanding that I am right where I need to be and doing exactly what I need to be doing.  After getting freed of the record label I thought about naming the album Back to Me because I was finally able to get back to being creative they way I wanted to be, writing what I wanna write, recording what I wanna record, wearing what I wanna wear etc.  But 717 seemed like a better description of the record, it’s where my life began on 717 and where I feel that God wants me to be at the present time.  It seemed more fitting with the story behind it and the Angel numbers confirmed that for me and still do on a daily basis.”

The CD features some great tunes like “Dancing With Jesus,” “Beers to You,” his current radio single “Cowboy Girl,” and many more.

Here’s one of my favorites, “What Waylon Wouldn’t Say!”

Go get this CD now!

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