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Jamie’s Southern Sky

There’s a new band in town that you need to know about!   However, “new” may not be the right word to use to describe Southern Sky.  The group has only been in existence for a few years but the founders of Southern Sky, Jamie Weston and Scott Pearson, are 3rd and 4th generation musicians raised in the middle of the Texas Country music scene.

Southern SkyI always get nervous when someone sends me their DEBUT CD to listen to.  But I can honestly say that Way Down Deep is really top notch!  The first track “Blame It On Me” is a damn good tune…so much so that I immediately contacted Jamie to let him know how much I liked it.  Some of the others that stood out to me are “How Far Can I Get,” “In Boxes,” and “Whiskey Lied.”  I told Jamie that their style reminds me a little of Bart Crow and Bleu Edmondson…neither of which are bad comparisons!

Jamie was nice enough to answer a few questions for this week’s artist spotlight.  Here’s your chance to get to know a little more about them!

Katie: What’s your first memory of music?

Jamie: My first memory of music is actually falling asleep in a bar at around 3 years old to my grandpa’s band playing a local club. He had a band for 40 something years that toured around Texas known as Roger Pearson and the Southern Comforts.  Some of my fondest memories are sitting in on sound checks and rehearsals being amazed at how after the typical click of 4 from the drummer, this song you would hear on the radio could come to life.

Katie: What made you decide to start a band?

Jamie: It kind of fell into my lap honestly.  I’ve always enjoyed singing, but I was never serious about it.  I actually thought I wanted to be a drummer.  I got my first guitar at 16 and didn’t pick it up for 8 months.  After I started getting used to the strings killing my fingers I finally learned “Stars on the Water,” King George’s version.  I was hooked after that and got asked to front a local cover band Cheyenne and did so for about 2 years.  I got tired of playing other people’s music and so I started writing my own.  When I was told that they couldn’t be implemented into the set list I gave my two weeks and I started Southern Sky.  To my surprise, the drummer and lead guitar player came with me.

Katie:  The scene is super saturated with lots and lots of bands all trying to make it.  Tell us how you guys differentiate yourself from them.

Jamie: We’ve got a sound that blends a little bit of Nashville, with some Red Dirt roots, but also shows where we come from.  I’ve got 3 generations of music styles that makes up what I dig.  I like to be as unpredictable as possible with what you hear at our shows.  We’re not a honky tonk, bro country band, ya know?  You come out to one of our shows, you mat be shocked to hear some Prince, George Strait, Metallica, Tom Petty, plus some originals, and some music that just makes you want to dance.

Katie:  And now you have an album out!  I know you’ve been chomping at the bit to get it released!  Tell us why we need to buy it.

Jamie: It’s 10 songs of us pouring our heart out to you.  There’s drinking songs, there’s why did I drink songs, and there’s cheating, miss your woman songs too.  There’s a breakup tune, and more songs that hopefully make ya wanna dance.

Katie: Which band is on your bucket list to open for?

Jamie: Ha, I’ve got a few. I’m definitely a fan of our scene too, so in no particular order- Zane Williams, Mike Ryan, Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Stoney LaRue, Tyler Farr, Eli Young Band, and Zac Brown are all my top favorites.

Pick up Way Down Deep today on iTunes, on the band’s web site or at one of their shows!

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