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How Many Townes’ Tunes Do You Know?


A great article on the late Townes Van Zandt made me think…how many tunes of his do you know?  A ton of artists list him as one of their influences.

Now there are some tunes that are more obvious than others, Like “Pancho and Lefty,” “For the Sake of the Song” and possibly “If I Needed You,” thanks to artists like Randy Rogers Band, Willie Nelson and Emmy Lou Harris.  But can you list others?

The article* first published in 2013 by American Songwriter lists the Top 20 tunes we should know and here are a few:

#5. “Marie”

#10. “Fare Thee Well Miss Carousel”

#16. “Flyin’ Shoes”

#18. “Why She’s Acting This Way”

My social media posts were answered with some great responses including:

Josh Fuller: “Cocaine Blues”

Jason Haas: “Nothin'”

The band Dunville sent their take on a TVZ tune, “Black Jack Mama.”  Enjoy it here:

Kevin Robbins: “Loretta”

Mike Ethan Messick: “Always had a soft spot for ‘You Are Not Needed Now.’  Beautiful song that no one ever covers.”

Josh Spivey: “Dead Flowers”

Donna Savage Rhodes: “Although he didn’t write ‘Texas River Song’ it is my favorite especially canoeing down the Brazos below PK I also like ‘No Deal.'”

What are some of the others that YOU know?

* Here’s the link to the article:

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