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Honky Tonkin’ Swamp Country

Mayeux and Broussard.  Those two names don’t exactly scream HONKY TONK maybe more like Coonass music.  But what you get when you listen to their new CD High Times & Good Rhymes, is a great big ol dose of what they call Swamp Country.  Mayeux and Broussard CD cover

I kept reading about these guys but had not had a chance to check them out.

Needless to say, I was basically hooked by the 2nd track, “Back At Home.”  Reminds me a little of Matt Hillyer’s vocals and that’s a GOOD thing.

Track 3: “Three People”‘s line “There’s more to being a whore than being paid,” literally made me laugh out loud.

Track 8 made me smile.  “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” is one of my faves to hear and these guys do such a great job of it!

Despite the fact, the two front men, Tate Mayeux and Brian Broussard started their musical journey together in a metal band, this new CD shows off their Country, Cajun and roots background.  Brian told Country Weekly magazine last month,“There’s a little bit of everything on this record,” Brian says. “It’s a gumbo of all these different styles coming together and our take on all that.”

I really can’t find a bad song on this CD.  Do I think it should be added to your playlist?  YES!

More details about the band can be found here:


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