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“Hold My Beer and Watch This”

You know you’ve heard someone say that, or heck, you might have even said it to your buddy.  But what mainly happens after uttering that phrase is extremely comical, sometimes dangerous and usually entertaining.

From what I’ve wade-bowen-randy-rogers-album-400pxheard from both Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers, when they say this phrase…it’s usually the latter!  It’s also another reason why they started an acoustic tour together with that title.  Those acoustic song swaps between two old friends were AND are a huge hit.  They most always sell out.

It was also another reason why the pair decided to record a CD together.  Hold My Beer, Vol. 1 is releasing 4/20 and I can honestly say every song on it is now officially on my “must hit repeat” playlist.

Some of the standouts:

“In the Next Life” – made me immediately think of Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley tunes (“Just Good Ol Boys,” “Hey Joe (Hey Moe).”  You don’t know those Country legends? Shame on you!  Look em up, stat!

“Til It Does” – this song hits you with a steel guitar and then you’re hooked!  I can totally hear the King, George Strait, singing this tune.

“It’s Been a Great Afternoon” – My first reaction was “OMG! It’s one of my absolute favorite Merle Haggard songs!”  Then I hit repeat…twice.  It’s a WONDERFUL version of this great song.

“Standards” – Great lyrics!  Obviously this is just a little glimpse into what’s it like to have conversations with “major” record executives who basically ask artists to change who they are to “sell CDs”.

“Tell me how can I sell out if I barely sell at all / You won’t see my name on the Billboard, but every night I pack the the dance floor,” they sing. “There’s your answer / I don’t have hits, I’ve got standards.”

“Reasons to Quit” – When you cover a Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard tune, you better do it justice.  These two not only do that but make it their own.

Everyone keeps talking about how bad the music is coming out of Nashville (with a few exceptions)…but when you are presented this great album, there’s no denying it, it’s a reason to fall in love with REAL Country music again.

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