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Gabe Wootton

Who is Gabe Wootton?  Well, that’s the reason I do an artist spotlight…to bring you artists who may not have a name that is on everyone’s tongue but should be.  Gabe’s name came to me while looking for artists to perform at the Redneck Country Club in stafford, Tx.  A member of the club suggested I look him up and boy, was I glad I did!  Everyone at the RCC has fallen in love with his music, his wit and his charm.

Heck, even the head honchoette at the RCC, Jess Timmons, had this to say about him, “Gabe has a style and a way with words like none other.  He’s going to hate I said this, but he’s got such charm while he’s picking a guitar that it makes everyone in the room grin, even if he’s being a little off color (which happens on occasion…).”

Here’s a chance to learn a little more about this man:

Katie: When did you decide you wanted to make music?

Gabe: Somewhere between hearing ‘Red Headed Stranger’ all the way through and hearing that story about Johnny Gimble talking to a mockingbird with his fiddle

Katie: Do you remember the first song you wrote?  What was it about?  Do you ever sing it?  Gabe Wootton

Gabe: “‘Spittin’ Jack.’  Spent some time in Port Mansfield once and met this old beach bum that supposedly chained himself, and a cooler of beer, to a palm tree during a hurricane.  Somebody had bought one of those cheap, pine guitars in Mexico earlier in the day, and voila!  I took some liberties, but basically a dude, a cooler, a palm tree, a hurricane, and a lost padlock key.  Haven’t played it in a long, long time.

Katie: Do you have a writing process that you use all the time or do you just kinda let it flow whenever/wherever?

Gabe: I write all the time.  Some of it never winds up anywhere near a song.  Sometimes I write what I think is a chorus, but it’s really the bridge to something I haven’t written yet.  Sometimes I fine polish one until it’s perfect, but it’s too shiny to even look at.  Too much handling and songs stop being real for me.  Sometimes, I open my mouth and they just fall out.  Those are the best because you know them instantly like a joke you’ve been telling for years.  

Katie: What is one song that you wish you’d written?  Why that song?

Gabe: From a financial standpoint, that Disney one that all the five year olds know.  Geez, can you imagine the money?  But, for real- “Stranger In A Strange Land” by Leon Russell.  That thing is a champion.  Musings on mortality book ended by cosmic keyboard and funky ass hallelujah chorus.  Fantastic.

Katie: Is there some new music on the way?

Gabe: Always.  One of these days I might even get around to recording some of it.  Ha!

From the music I’ve heard, this means Gabe needs a GoFundMe account to get a record produced!  Wanna know more?  Check out  An even better idea, would be to go see him live!

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  1. Goofy lady // April 11, 2015 at 4:51 am // Reply

    He is awesome, such a great story teller and musician. Everyone should check him out

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