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Folk Family Revival

A little bit Americana.  A little bit Southern Rock n Roll.  A little bit Country.  A little bit of Soul.

That’s how I choose to describe the Texas based brother band and one feller who might as well be a brother aka Folk Family Revival, featuring Mason, Barrett and Lincoln Lankford, and Caleb Pace.  These guys make some incredible music whether it be in rock clubs and rodeos, dive bars and honky-tonks, or campfires and cantinas.   Folk Family Revival

Their sophomore release Water Walker,  which came out in April, has a little bit for everyone on it.  “I’m a huge Dylan fan,” says Mason Lankford, “and I’ve noticed from his live recordings that a song never sounds the same way twice. We’ve always been really into that idea, even as we’ve grown. We want the song to sound different than it did last week. We’ve been changing our songs every day for the last five years, and once we get into the studio, we’ll think about which version worked best and we’ll record it that way.”

Needless to say, it’s damn good.

Here’s a quick chat with the boys for this week’s Spotlight Artist profile!

Katie: Folk Family Revival.  Tell me how the name of the band came about.

Caleb: It started out with us trying to describe our sound and influence’s.  Mason said were kinda like a folk family revival band and the name was about.

Katie: 3 brothers and one who might as well be a brother…what’s it like working and being together ALL the time?

Caleb: I enjoy being around my brothers no matter what we’re doing. I feel very lucky to be able to do something I absolutely love with family. We also added our close friend/brother Blake Bentley on the keys he is going to be very critical to the future sound of folk family.

Katie:  Tell us the difference between your debut album and this one using only 5 words.

Blake: We listened to the band.

Katie: If you could pick one song that you had to play for the rest of your lives, what would it be?

Mason: “The song that never ends.”

Katie: How do you guys define success for the band?

Mason and Caleb: Playing music together changing the world one asshole at a time.

Katie: HA!  And that’s just another reason to love you guys.

Houston area folks!  You can see the guys perform their kind of groove July 17 when they hit the Redneck Country Club stage!  More info about the band can be found here:

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