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Fly Away with Mandi Powell

Nothing better than hearing the first couple notes of a song and immediately digging it!  And that’s EXACTLY what happened when I put Mandi Powell’s new CD Fly Away in my computer.  I’ve been on a female artist kick lately and when Mandi’s CD came in the mail, I was READY to hear it.

First song: “Poor Girl’s Blues” had me tappin’ my foot and smiling.  That’s a good sign of things to come!

Listening to Mandi sing the next song, “Sell Your Soul” and when she asked, “How long ago did you sell your soul?  Was it worth it’s weight in coins and gold?”  I thought, man, the person this one was written about must be one big jackass.

“Want Me” – has a Spanish flair to it….and I love it!

“Keep On” – Two amazing singers came to mind: Susan Tedeschi and Bonnie Raitt.  I’m not saying she sounds like them exactly but there is something in her voice on this song that makes me think of those two.  Check out Bonnie’s “Thing Called Love” if you wanna see what I’m thinkin’.

Mandi’s music is a little bit country, a little bit bluesy, and a little bit rock n roll and even more important, completely relatable.  You’ll find yourself hearing the words and feeling the emotion that she put into each tune coming through the speakers.

Give Mandi and her music a listen and I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed.  Get it here!

Mandi Powell CD cover

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