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Fall Weather: Campfires & Live Music

Sitting around a campfire, a cold adult beverage in hand and listening to amazingly talented people sing and tell stories.  THAT is an awesome experience.

With cooler weather and the Fall festivals starting soon (including Tommy Alverson’s Family Gathering this week), I wanted to know who my peeps would like to see in this setting.

Here are the ones who got the most responses:

Robert Earl Keen
Willie Nelson
Walt Wilkins
Stoney LaRue
Aaron Watson
Pat Green
Cory Morrow
Josh Ward
Dub Miller
Will Hoge
Drew Kennedy
Jason Boland
Dean Dillon
Matt Skinner
Mark Jungers

Here are some of the other responses:

Josh Fuller: “It’d be cool to see all the guys that paved the way for the rest of us all together. Robert Earl Keen, Jerry Jeff Walker, Dub Miller, Cory Morrow, Pat Green, Roger Creager, Gary P. Nunn…we’re gonna need a bigger fire.”

Adam Drake: “Josh Grider.  So many of his songs are tailor made for acoustic campfire sessions!”

Sharon Kirkpatrick Sanders: “James Taylor, Shawn Phillips, Kenny Loggins, Michael Murphy.”

Daniel Koller: “The Wilson brothers (of Sons of Bill).  I almost mentioned them earlier but didn’t since all of them might be a stretch for a campfire.  But I don’t think you can have Sam without James or Abe.  They all have their own unique vocals that are great acoustic but really are best complementing each other.”

Michael Hentschel: “Glen Templeton doing nothing but Conway Twtty.”

Kristi Hoss Schiller: “Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Earl Keen, Willie Nelson, AJ Croce, Townes Van Zandt, Lyle Lovett, Elvis, Dr John, Steve Tyrell, Rod Stewart with Ray Charles and Kermit Ruffins throwing a little trumpet in there (GAWD IM A HOARDER).  Oh yeah, I would definitely have to throw Jimmy Buffett in there and Guy Clark too.”

Lysette Lerma: “Rick Trevino or Stoney LaRue!  I’ve seen both during power outages and it made for the most memorable and amazing experiences!”

Austin Mayse: “Someone who we never see in an acoustic setting.  Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift, etc.”

Travis Moore: “Chris LeDoux.  A campfire and Chris seem like they’d go together like Oreos and milk!  I was lucky enough to see him 20+ times.  I miss that guy’s music.”

Corbin Mock-Karonka: “Matt Skinner.  Robert Earl Keen is a great storyteller, and Larry Gatlin.  By far one of the best I’ve ever seen.  And Kyle Hutton.  He now (without a doubt) has some amazing stories to tell.”

Kyle Hutton: “Those are definitely some good ones, Corbin Mock-Karonka.  I’ve picked up a story or 2 over the last few years.  Paul Thorn, Billy Joe Shaver, Drew Kennedy, Brian Burns, just to name a few…”

Myla Thomas: “Aaron Watson, Pat Green, Andy Griggs, George Strait and better grab Sunny Sweeney…I don’t wanna drink alone!!  Lol!”

Amber Lindstrom Diaz: “Such a good question! I would probably say Stoney LaRue, Randy Rodgers Band, Chris Young or Blake Shelton.”

Tori Webb: “Pat Green, hands down. Makes me think of the old days!”

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