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Everybody Loves Mama H

One of the coolest chicks in this music scene has to be Judy Hubbard aka Mrs. Ray Wylie Hubbard aka Mother Hubbard!

She’s not only helped her husband Ray Wylie with his career, she’s also helped so many of us behind the scenes as well as the artists we all love!  And that’s why I decided it was important to highlight this incredible woman especially as we draw near to Mothers Day. Judy Hubbard

Katie: Tell me is it true how you met Ray Wylie, were you really working as the door girl at Mother Blues in Dallas?

Mother H: He used to play there and I was the door girl when I was 16 for a couple years so we met a few times. The firs time I actually remember talking to him was when I was going out one night with Jimmy Buffet.  Jimmy wanted to meet him and see him play so I took him to the club where Ray was playing in Dallas and introduced them.  Ray had Jimmy come up and sing a couple songs…it was quite a night!

Katie: He was a hot mess when you took over the business side of his career…how long did it take you to get him back on track?

Mother H: It was a slow process and got a little better each year.  About 3 years after I started managing him he released a record which he hadn’t done in years and that’s when I really felt like we had made some progress.  It never progresses as fast as you think it should and I always tell artists just be persistent and consistent which is what we did.

Katie: At what point did you become everybody’s mama, “Mother Hubbard?”

Mother H: Actually I think Cody Canada first called me that and it just stuck.  I really love being able to help artists and other managers when I can.  I didn’t know many managers when I was learning the business and the ones I did weren’t the type to be helpful.  The internet wasn’t available back then (seriously, no internet!) so the learning curve was difficult.  I made it a point when I felt that I had enough knowledge and success to share that I would be accessible to those who needed it.

Katie: What is the most important piece of advice you have ever given to baby bands?

Mother H: To never stop learning.  It’s so important that you work on your craft daily.  Anyone can get up there and beat the soup out of a guitar and write mediocre lyrics.  And maybe some of those even have a moment of success.  But if you truly want to make a long term career out of this you have to be good….really, really good and that takes practice.  Oh, and if you are the opening band never ever go over your allotted time.  That’s a big no no in my book. 🙂

Katie: What was the first thought that ran through your mind when Lucas decided he wanted to be a musician like his dad?

Mother H: I thought it was great as it gives Ray and him such quality time together.  Plus I always know where he is and what he’s doing on Friday and Saturday night!  It’s a win for everyone!
Katie: Spoken like a true mama!  What has been your proudest musical moment as his mama?

Mother H: Watching him perform on both the David Letterman Show and Jimmy Fallon and handle himself like a true professional while knowing there were millions of people watching.

Thank you for your time, Mother Hubbard!  Oh and Happy Mothers Day!


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  1. Great read….Mother Hubbard has always been very kind to me!

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