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Essential Cody Canada

Let’s say there is someone out there who doesn’t know Cody Canada’s music and your job is to introduce them to his music.  Cody Canada in studioWhat songs do you choose?  That’s not an easy task to undertake.  The guy has a hell of a catalog.

After a little social media polling, here’s a look at the top six tunes voted on and some input from some of those voters:

1. “17”

Singer/songwriter Bryan Shayne: “17, Sick and Tired, and Alabama or Constantly.  Although I like InBetweener, the raw CCR sound gets my vote.”

2. “Sick & Tired”

Mega fan Michael Broussard: “Alabama, Sick and Tired, and Boys from Oklahoma.  I know, all CCR songs.  Break them in right, then hit them with The Departed stuff.”

3. “Constantly”

4. “Inbetweener”

Social Media peep: Patti Derr: “Skyline Radio, Inbetweener, New York City Girl, and on and on.  Anything that includes his brilliant guitar.”

5. “Alabama”

6. “250,000 Things”

Adam Drake, Maverick 100.9 FM in College Station, TX: “17, Worth The Fight, and 250,000 Things.  Each one shows his diversity and his growth as a musician and man IMO.  17 reminisces to being back in your hometown.  Worth The Fight is a little angry with a driving guitars and drums.  250,000 Things shows off his softer side and love for his kids.  I love how Cody isn’t afraid to be the angry rocker and the loving dad at the same time.  He’s for sure one of the absolute best out there!”

I think the best advice of all comes from Ben Ryan at the Ranch, in Ft Worth.  “Give them the entire catalog from Cross Canadian Ragweed to The Departed and tell them their weekend assignment is to listen to all.”

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