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Essential Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson’s music, whether you hear it live or on your radio, consists of fiddles, steel guitars and honest lyrics.

“When you come to one of my shows, expect a real good time with good wholesome country music,” Watson said in a recent interview for a show in California.

His most recent album The Underdog is just another example of his great music and why he fits perfectly within the Aaron Watson - The Underdogworld of Texas music.  Aaron told a few weeks ago, “With this record I just wanted to push myself to be a better singer, a better songwriter…I really stay away from drinking songs, cheating songs there’s enough of that kind of craziness in that world I don’t need to add to it. I want to make the kind of music you can listen to it in front of your grandmama around your kids…I try to just focus on good things.”

And that’s what he does time and time again.   Even though he sells out venues and breaks records with sales of his CDs, not everyone knows Aaron’s music!  So I think it’s up to us to make sure to spread the love.

Let’s start with the question: What are the tunes that EVERYONE should know of Aaron’s?

Here’s my top 10…see what you think!

  1. “Hearts Are Breaking Across Texas”
  2. “Love Makin’ Song”
  3. “Reckless”
  4. “That Look”
  5. “The Honky Tonk Kid”
  6. “Raise Your Bottle”
  7. “Off The Record”
  8. “Shut Up and Dance”
  9. “I Don’t Want You To Go (But I Need You To Leave)”
  10. “Barbed Wire Halo”

Here are a few others that my peeps reminded me about:

Daniel Koller: “When All Those Aggies Move to Austin.”

Bo Brumble: “‘Off The Record,’ nothing else is even close.”

Christy Meaux: “Gah, they’re all a favorite for different reasons but if I have to get excited about an oldie making the set list, I’m going with ‘Notel Motel.'”

Jaron Bell: “‘Lonely Lubbock Lights.’  Katie, great tune from my hometown buddy.”

Steven Marshall: “‘In Harms Way.’  And the ENTIRE Shutupanddance album.”

Angel Newberry: “‘Off The Record,’ but can I just say he’s my fave artist and love all of his music?!!!”

Lysette Lerma: “‘Next To Heaven!!!!’  Picking just one is like choosing a favorite child.”

Theresa Reed: “‘Shut Up and Dance.’ I’m such a sucker for a waltz…sigh.”

Rick Lovett: “ONE ‘hit radio’ song is ‘Off The Record.’  ONE ‘album cut’ is ‘Barbed Wire Halo.'”

Macon Darwin: “San Angelo.”

Zach Crisp: “Charlene Gene or Wrangler Butts.”

Adding some of Aaron’s music to your collection is definitely considered a smart move!

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