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Do People Really Not Dance Anymore?

That’s a question I’ve asked myself and others over the years especially when seeing younger people at concerts…they don’t dance…there’s no two stepping going on, no couples waltzing.  Of course there are some exceptions but it seems to me it might be a dying event.  And apparently I’m not the only to think that.

According to KOKE FM in Austin, CBS partnered with Texas Dance Hall Preserve, Inc. to release a news special that aired June 27 on historic dance halls in Texas.  It will also re-air on Saturday July 4.  Country-Couple

At one point thousands of traditional dance halls operated in Texas, but in 2008 dance halls were named to the list of Texas’ Most Endangered Places.  The story focuses on the dwindling number of operating halls and their cultural significance featuring Gruene Hall, Broken Spoke and Twin Sisters among others.

You can watch the news segment here:

So what can we do about it?  Obviously get out and support these fine establishments before they are gone!

Also give these fine folks a LIKE: or check them out here:

As their motto says, they are “saving Texas dance halls, one two step at a time!”

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