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Dads: They’re Like Moms Only Hairier

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought it’d be fun to come up with a list of songs that make us all think about our dear old dad!  And asking my social media peeps was just the thing to do.  They came through with some great ones!  See what you think:

Shelley Stromquist Nelson: “That Kind of Man” by Seth James

Esther Guerra: “Fingers to the Bone” by Brandon Rhyder

Kris Green: “Strong” by Will Hoge


Zane Williams

Jamie Weston: “While I Was Away” by Zane Williams

Destiny Havard: “Daddy’s Little Girl” by The Scooter Brown Band

Renee Meaux: “Call Me” by Brent Mitchell

Lavinia Yadayada: “Dixie Lullaby” by Pat Green

Shannon O’Neal Canada: “Long Way Home” by Cross Canadian Ragweed

Josie Drenner: “Strong” by Will Hoge

Kenny Graves: “Dixie Lullaby for sure!” by Pat Green

Thom Shepherd: “Daddies and Daughters” by Kevin Fowler and Trent Willmon

Clayton Shepherd: “Keep the Wolves Away” by Uncle Lucius

Adam Drake: “‘250,000 Things’ and ‘Bluebonnets’ from Departed/Ragweed/Cody Canada are the top of my mind.  I’d also throw in Brandon Rhyder’s ‘Freeze Frame Time’ because I just KNOW that my son will come running up to me because he made his mamma mad because she said he was just like me!”

All great suggestions!  What is your favorite song that makes you think about your dad?

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  1. I made a whole playlist of some of my favorites for Father’s Day. It’s been fun listening to them all over the last week!

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