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Crooks Stole My Heart

Cheesy headline but it’s actually true…I LOVE this new release from the Crooks!

I think it may be the trumpet no, wait, it might be the accordion…no, wait, it could be the lyrics or….ok, it’s safe to say Wildfire has a little bit of everything in it and that’s why I love it!

They call what they do Conjunto Country.  And it fits PERFECTLY in the Texas music scene because that is EXACTLY what Texas Music is: a little bit of everything rolled into one.

Crooks CD cover“We’ve always been a band that walks the fence between genres, which makes us sort of outsiders to the traditional Texas country music world,” says Josh Mazour, frontman of Crooks, based in Austin. “But we want to embrace where we’re from, and not let other people define what being a ‘Texas country’ band means. I think our definition is much different than most people’s.”

Described as “rueful, hard-edged and authentic” by Texas Monthly magazine and “country noir” by American Songwriter, the style of Crooks’ songwriting is another thing that sets them apart.  My description?  Straight up awesome.  It’s not the same sound you hear over and over again; it stands out and that’s why it will draw in more fans.

“We’re the kind of middle ground for country listeners. We get a lot of people that tell us, ‘I don’t really listen to country music, but I like yours,” says Mazour. “We don’t fit in perfectly anywhere, whether we’re playing at a small-town honky-tonk or an indie rock club. But that’s the way we like it.”

Wildfire will be released July 10 so pick it up as soon as you can!  More info on the band can be found here:

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